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Ralph Chidiac

What is life about? Or is it “what is mind about”? Asking what is life about gives the impression “it” is a primal question, yet life has persevered for eons without the slightest inclination for such a plight. Actually, all life forms (humans excluded) have come and gone with an utter disinterest in that quandary. Therefore, the question demands a deeper investigation, and specifically maybe a different orientation. Is it the life processes (biology) that is requesting a justification, or the evolution of a human feature we identify as mind, and more specifically as consciousness?

By process of elimination and an extreme case of deductive reasoning, it seems the question is begged by one type of life and not all life. So, is it life or is it mind. So far, we can easily determine it is not life. The question should be substituted by “what is the meaning of an extensive mind?” An advanced level of consciousness that has not provided humanity – from a biological or evolutionary perspective – other advantages over longer lived species. Self-consciousness with the aid of an unlimited imagination, have contributed to the constant modification of our immediate environment since day one; corroborating a discontent with the status quo; and, in the process (especially the last few centuries), reduced the potential existence of our species as well as all life. Our species has subsisted for approximately  200,000 years (as homo-sapiens-sapiens), yet in the past few centuries have taken this planet, and its environment to the brinks of annihilation.

As much as we cannot help but ask the question (of meaning), should we trust the answer? We could ask any number of individuals the question, and we will get as many answers as there are individuals, and if the true answer would be based on commonalities we find ourselves at an impasse…. Nothing appears as common ground.

Hold on…. “Conscious preoccupation” that is, keeping consciousness busy with literally anything. Not necessarily of any importance or value, but more mundane and every day type activities. Aspirations do NOT come into play as long as there is something to do. Prehistorically it was our survival, historically: human institutions (from Government, war, religion etc.) and today, Self; Is there a meaning to life while driving the kids (arguing in the back of the car) to school/ How about trying to make a deadline or rushing to an appointment? How about while watching a movie, having sex, in the middle of a business meeting, or trying to make a living? You decide.

The question (the meaning of life) has no relevance in : All other known species. When preoccupied. When living daily activities. From one person to the next. As long as survival is on the line, the meaning of life is trivial, and as long as the consciousness is distracted, the meaning of mind is (also) irrelevant. We, therefore have to ask ourselves, the authenticity of such a question, and what would be an adequate answer. Religion was not enough, philosophy was not enough, science is not enough, 5000 years of civilization does not cut it as well.

Is there a question here, or a stack of words pretending to be one?Yet, after all this reflection, I cannot seem to comply with my train of thoughts for the illusion is so pronounced.