Imagination… A curse in disguise?

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Ralph Chidiac

Foresight, anticipation, hope, all proceed from one basic human feature….. Imagination . It’s appearance in our human realm has very little evolutionary purpose outside conventional instinct behavior and genetic blueprinting. Undoubtedly it has created tremendous advancement in human activity, but how necessary is that notion in the grander scheme of life in general? No other life form has exhibited that requirement for its own survival and adaptation to its environment.

Humans on the other hand, have never achieved a sense of equilibrium and contentment within their own context and state of affairs since the dawn of civilization. Once propelled by imagination, the sense of equilibrium is never achieved as no situation remains unscathed.

What ever the achieved conditions, Things can always be better, therefore, expectations are nudged that much further outside the containment of the actual achievement. YES, achievements have been outstanding, yet levels of contentment have not adapted accordingly.

If imagination leads to many human advancements, creativity,  and discovery beyond the simple call of curiosity (it’s all about abstract thinking) it also has one erosive attribute…. Discontentment with the Status Quo, no matter what that status is.

Simply put:” One era’s utopia is the next ages redundancy”.